Gonna get there the healthy way.


In the same vein (but healthier!) as diet plans that mix up your caloric goals, here’s a 7-day plan that gets harder as it goes along. Start on Day One, follow the plan for a week, then repeat. Yes, it’ll seem ridiculously easy going from Day Seven back to Day One, but this will keep your body challenged and will give you a bit of a break every time you restart. Feel free to make this an eight-day plan and add in a rest day on Day Eight.

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booty workout

Looking for something new to try

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I made a thing about stretching! Some of the images are hard to see, but if you click on them they should produce a larger image!


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Image sources that aren’t mine (the three routines):

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  3. http://www.sportsscience.co/flexibility/whole-body-stretching-routine/

Stretching is so calming, love it!

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Yoga makes me feel so alive ✨

this set still makes me so happy

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